The main types of personal loans

Sometimes things happen and you need cash quickly. Like urgent repairs to your car when it breaks down. An emergency medical treatment. Or a home renovation project that you simply can’t wait. Personal loans are ideal for each of these situations. They can be used for any purpose.

Also, depending on your needs and financial situation, personal loans through Max Loans can take the form of both secured loans or unsecured loans, which means that we will have a suitable option for you regardless of whether you provide collateral for the loan or not. And personal loans are generally less expensive than credit cards, which means they’re a good option if you need to consolidate high-interest debt at a lower interest rate, so you can save on interest costs and potentially free yourself. out of debt faster.

At Max Loans, we work with a group of lenders to provide advice on this all types of personal loans. From bad loans, auto loans, emergency loans and debt consolidation loans, to holiday loans, home loans and wedding loans. Read on to find out which personal loan is right for you.

Bad loans

We know it can be difficult to apply for a credit with a history of overdue repayments, missed repayments or defaults on your credit report. But we believe everyone deserves a second chance. That’s why Max Loans has helped clients with negative, safe credit scores bad loans which actually help restore their credit profile. Because paying off a loan is one of the best ways to improve your credit score.

Car Loans

Buying a new car or a new car for you? With pre-approved car loans on the spot, not only will you have a clear idea of ​​your budget upfront, so you won’t waste time looking at cars you really can’t afford, you’ll also have more bargaining power when it comes to dealing with car owners or sellers. And, by working with Max Loans, you can be sure of getting the right car loan, with competitive interest rates and conditions suited to your budget and financial position.

Classic car loans

As a classic car enthusiast or classic car collector, you will already know this discovery classic car loans it can be challenging. Most financial institutions are unwilling to make loans for older cars. At Max Loans we understand that buying a classic car is an investment. And we know the value you get from classic, vintage, performance or muscle cars. That’s why we provide classic car loan advice that can help you get the classic car of your dreams.

Debt Consolidation Loans

One of the most common reasons for applying for personal loans is to consolidate debt. With a debt consolidation loantake out a new loan to pay off all of your existing debts and pay them all at once, usually at a lower overall interest rate.

Debt consolidation can simplify repayment management without the overhead of multiple debt repayments. Also, depending on your financial situation and your needs, a debt consolidation loan can be spread over a longer period, so the weekly or monthly payments are lower.

Emergency loans

A sudden emergency can leave a scary hole in your budget. Unexpected medical bills, family funeral or unscheduled dental care. These are just some of the cases where a personal loan could provide much needed financial help in an emergency situation. When unexpected bills arise and you’re not sure how you’ll pay for them, consider a emergency loan. With a simple and fast application process you may quickly have access to emergency loans, so you are not left to try to cover unexpected expenses or face the stress of not being able to pay them.

Loans for the holidays

Everyone deserves a vacation, and so do you. Whether you need a vacation to relax and unwind from the stress of everyday life or you want to take the kids on a family trip, we are here to help with a holiday loan to help you make your plans come true. With holiday loans, you can celebrate that special anniversary, graduation, honeymoon or family adventure without having to wait until you’ve saved enough. Holiday loans can be used to cover all holiday related expenses, such as flights, accommodation and entertainment. So go ahead, make that once-in-a-lifetime trip or dream vacation a reality.

Home Loans

Whether you need cash quickly for a necessary repair, such as repairing the plumbing or faulty wiring, or an upgrade to your home, such as a new swimming pool or extra bedroom, home loans are ideal if you don’t have equity in your home or don’t want to go through the hassle of refinancing your mortgage. Home equity loans through us can be in the form of secured loans or unsecured loans. With this type of personal loan, funds are available quickly and you don’t need to provide assessments or quotes for the work you are doing. Get those home improvement projects or upgrades to your home done quickly and inexpensively.

Loans for weddings

The cost of a wedding can quickly increase when you consider things like the location, the dress, the catering, the photography and the flowers. And these are just some of the expenses you will probably have to pay! Wedding loans it can be used to pay for large items, such as the venue and catering, or smaller items such as flowers and cake. In fact, wedding loans can be used to pay for anything related to marriage, even wedding rings. So don’t put your dream wedding on hold just because of the cost. With wedding loans you can finance the wedding of your dreams without drawing on your savings.

A personal loan for everything you need

When used wisely, personal loans can help fill a gap in your budget without compromising the lifestyle you deserve. And if you’re facing a bad credit situation, paying off personal loans can actually help improve your credit score.

Personal loans offer flexibility and versatility, and with lower interest rates than most credit cards, personal loans can be cheaper and easier to manage than high interest debt.

As one of the leading personal loan consultancy firms in New Zealand, Max Loans has access to a wide variety of lenders which means we can source some of the most competitive New Zealand loans wide. To find out more about personal loans or to see which personal loan suits your situation, simply get in touch with our team today.

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