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The growing risk of public transport

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As temperatures across Ontario are cooling, the risks associated with COVID-19 are increasing. The colder weather means that the public is more inclined to stay indoors. While this is great for people who have ideal living arrangements, this is risky for most. As winter approaches, it is inevitable that the crowd size will grow inside.

This is particularly dangerous for those taking public transport. While the warm weather has encouraged more people to come out with fresh air, this appeal will soon be gone. People who travel to work and school who do not have access to their vehicle are at a severe disadvantage. Travel sharing apps are expensive and transportation like bus, subway, etc. They will get very busy.

Additionally, the flu is a continuing threat during the colder months. Getting the flu is now an added risk. “When the weather cools, that means the coronavirus may actually stay in the air longer,” said Colin Furness, infection control epidemiologist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto. When the virus leaves your body, cold air helps preserve it and keep it alive longer, Furness explained. Another reason the spread of the coronavirus could get worse in cold temperatures is that our mucous membrane dries up in cold weather, making it much more difficult for the nose to filter out pathogens, Furness said. When the airways become dry, it allows the virus to have easier access to the body.

Proper air filtration is an excellent preventative measure. Unfortunately, in crowded spaces such as the TTC subway (platform and single carriages), this is lacking. There is always a greater risk when there is no air circulation.

While there are still many risks and concerns surrounding COVID-19 during the colder months, having your own vehicle provides ease. Your car would provide you with an extra layer of social distancing as you will continually avoid unnecessary crowds. Of course, there are also numerous benefits to having your own vehicle as opposed to using public transport such as convenience, reliability, privacy and individual security.

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