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The 3 main reasons to keep your car

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3 reasons to keep your car in top condition

Keeping up with regular vehicle maintenance could help prevent costly repairs later and even extend the life of your car. The fact is that regular service and maintenance take less time and cost less than a major repair. If one part fails, it could affect the operation of the whole machine. For newer models, regular maintenance is often a prerequisite when it comes to maintaining the warranty. And if you’re considering selling your car, a consistent service history is a definite selling point and could mean a better selling price for you. Check out our top three reasons to keep your car in great condition.

1. A safer car for you and your family

Security is absolutely at the top of our list! Ensuring that your car’s critical components, such as braking and steering systems, tires, lights and seat belts, are in perfect working order is critical to ensuring that you and your family, and others who share the road with you, always be safe.

Many traffic accidents are caused by worn tires not sticking to the road, failing brakes, failing headlights, or faulty seat belts. In many cases, these problems can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your car reduces the chance of these problems occurring and ensures that your car always remains in top running condition. It also prevents breakage of parts of your car that could cause bigger and more expensive problems that require more extensive repairs. However, if the worst case scenario occurs, help is still available. At Max Loans, we know that life is full of surprises: even if you’ve been diligent with preventative maintenance, unexpected car expenses can spike at any moment and blow your entire budget. If your car is in need of a major repair but you are short on funds, we may be able to help you with one emergency loan to help you complete urgent repairs, ensuring you get back on the road faster and safer. To apply for funding, simply fill in our online application form and we’ll take care of the rest!

2. Keeps your car looking its best

Like most equipment used daily or weekly, your car performs best with regular maintenance. Keeping up with car care not only reduces wear on the engine and other components, but also helps extend the life of your vehicle.

Most car owners will agree that the older the car, the more complicated and often expensive it is to maintain. But regular maintenance helps improve its performance. As with replacing the oil and oil filter at each service, this way abrasive dirt and particles are expelled from the engine, extending its life and saving you the cost of expensive engine repairs. To give you greater peace of mind knowing that you won’t run out of pocket in the event of an unexpected breakdown, we at Max Loans can help you arrange mechanical breakdown insurance to cover the costs associated with breakdowns, including towing compensation, auto repairs. and, if necessary, a rental replacement car. Call us on 0508 629 5626 to find out more!

3. Save money

Keeping your car in top condition can also save you money – not only from costly repairs that could have been avoided, but better fuel efficiency also means savings at the pump. A well-maintained car is also better for the environment by reducing harmful emissions into the air.

Staying on top of your car maintenance schedule prevents bigger problems that could keep you off the road, potentially impacting your job and inconvenience to the time spent waiting for repairs to be completed.

Also, when it comes to selling your car, a well-maintained and regularly serviced vehicle holds its value better and could help you get a better selling price.

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