Meet Melody: Volunteer of the Month

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At Azura, we take Above & Beyond banking because we are built to serve our community and make it a better place for all by making our time, knowledge and resources available to support local organizations.

Our Volunteering it brings people together, strengthens our community and makes our staff healthier by reducing stress and strengthening our immune systems.

Melody Klarer, Contact Center team manager, invests in her community by volunteering at the Azura Amphitheater.


Melody volunteers in her spare time at the Azura Amphitheater. “There’s nothing like going out, giving away free gadgets and listening to live music!”

The reason she volunteered for Azura’s Amphitheater was because she loved the idea of ​​hanging out with Azura’s members and colleagues and just having fun.

Plus, Melody finds giving back to the community a good feeling. “I love making people smile, it’s so rewarding.”

When asked what advice Melody would give to people who are thinking about volunteering in their spare time, she said, “Do it! I think if you can help out you should. We all bring something to the table and we can all make a difference. . ”

Learn more about how Azura helpsand if you want to work to create tangible and sustainable solutions to improve our community every day, check out our career opportunities and Come, join us!

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