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How to make a family budget: 4 steps to get started

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Family Budget plays a key role in your financial life, or it should. They are an easy way to organize your exits, manage your expenses, and make sure you always know what’s coming in and what’s coming out. They can literally make the difference between managing and not managing.

That’s why we talk about it so much. If you manage loans, budget is essential.

If you don’t already have a budget, here’s how to create a family budget without spending hours on a spreadsheet every weekend.

To get started, though, you’ll need to spend hours in a spreadsheet. (Click here for some great budgeting templates)

Paint the picture

The initial setup for taking a family budget is the time-consuming part. Running from week to week is easy.

First you have to create a spreadsheet on paper or on a computer. Enter your household income in one column and your expenses in another.

List all yours bills, food, gas and any other expenses in that outgoing column. Hopefully, the total should be less than the incoming column.

Examine those expenses

Take a long look at your outings. Chances are you see some that you don’t even realize existed and others that really shouldn’t be.

If you need to save, identify optional exits and start eliminating them. Start with the least painful and work your way down the list. He tries not to create too many difficulties, otherwise he is much more likely to fall.

Take this as far as you want. As long as you finish each month in black, you are good to go.

Open a Savings Account

If you don’t already have any savings, now it would be a good time to start. Find an affordable amount each month and set up an automatic payment from your family account to your savings account. Set the payment day for the day after the payday. This way the money is gone before it is spent.

It doesn’t matter if you set it up for $ 20 or $ 200. Even modest savings are better than nothing.

Once you have a few thousand savings, you can consider long-term savings. Keep that original savings account as a rainy day fund and whatever you save on that as long-term savings. It may be a slow process, but over time you will see those numbers increase.

Stay flexible

Budgeting requires discipline but also flexibility. There will be times when something happens that upsets the balance. The car breaks down. The boiler stops working or the children decide they all want to play the cello.

It is in these times that you need to be flexible enough to adapt and make those payments or consume your savings. Life happens and the more you can adapt to unexpected expenses, the happier you will be!

Congratulations! Now you know how to make a family budget and start saving money. If you have any other budget questions, please contact us here!

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