The internet has evolved over the years and dramatically changed the way owners and consumers view small businesses.

It has taken over conventional business practices from researching new products, to buying online and making decisions based on reviews.

Online channels are not only convenient but they have become a necessity in our daily lives and those who run small businesses.

While many businesses are still skeptical of using social media for marketing purposes, it’s no longer an option; it is a requirement.

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Here’s how entrepreneurs can use Yelp to grow small businesses.

Yelp is a virtual example of word of mouth marketing. Before making any purchases, customers choose Yelp to see what others think of the company. People trust reviews written by their friends or people they know.

They tend to trust longer, more detailed reviews — two things you can do on a website like Yelp to make your business stand out from the crowd and boost its visibility in search results.

There’s another reason Yelp is an important tool for your local marketing strategy: It gives you insight into which small businesses in your city may be struggling.

It helps you identify new ways to market your business so you can become more visible to customers.

Yelp enables small businesses to grow through multiple opportunities and get awareness of their services. This allows businesses to use the app to get more customers through recommendations from people who have already tried their services or products!

Like any other social media platform, you have to keep a few things in mind when using this one too.

  • Learn how to write reviews and provide great customer service
  • Internet reviews and recommendations don’t pay nearly as much as paper ones
  • You need to create content that will impress your potential customers and attract lots of traffic

Should I apply for a Kiva loan for my startup?


Kiva is a fast growing and innovative peer-to-peer lending platform. Here’s how it works: Kiva posts photos and stories of people in need of financial assistance. Then donate to Kiva. Kiva sends it to a microlender. The lender gives the money to the specified individual.

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