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Close deals faster with reseller financial services

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Many dealerships have been affected by the pandemic and the global chip shortage that hit between 2020 and 2021. However, the industry was on track for recovery by the end of 2021, with many dealership businesses and financial services already back. in full swing and planning for growth.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, you should know what successful dealerships are doing to grow their business and complete more business. Approximately 17 million cars they are sold annually in the United States, which means stiff competition. So, knowing the tricks for closing a car deal can come in handy.

Selling is less complicated than most people think. It is not about persuading or convincing someone to buy a car, but rather about listening and responding by providing the service they need. The best way to close auto deals is to make sure your customers feel they’re getting great value for money. If you can do this, you will have a better chance of completing the transaction and creating a satisfied customer.

We have compiled some of our best articles on auto dealer financing for independent dealerships and how to close business faster with dealer financing services.

Why it is important to offer financing at a car dealership

While it is important to understand the ins and outs of car sales, you will also need to understand the financial side of a car dealership. Customers expect internal financing options in most, if not all, dealerships.

If you don’t offer financing options, you could lose customers before they even cross the threshold. Financing it should be part of the experience you offer. The more options you offer, the better they will feel about buying from your dealership.

Financing can also help you close more deals faster. With internal financing, you won’t have to send the customer to another location for financing or have them wait hours at your dealership while you help them find one.

How to protect your financing options

Securing a retail funding source it can be a daunting task for your independent dealership. You are looking for a partner with various loan programs that offer competitive rates and flexible terms suited to your business situation.

Some lenders cannot work with independent dealers, so you will first need to determine your eligibility before applying. The next step is to make sure you have all the information ready. This includes details about your inventory and business plans, and strong business references. These factors play an important role in successfully securing financing options.

Once you have narrowed down the list of potential loan partners and have the information ready, you can contact them and fill out the application documents.

Essential steps to close car deals

You can grow your business by perfecting the art of concluding car business and structuring them for success.

Avoid a “hard sell” technique and opt for a more recognizable approach instead. Build customer trust by reassuring them that you are there to help instead of selling them a car. Address all their concerns and create a mental property between them and the vehicle they are interested in.

When you can demonstrate how a vehicle can address each of its concerns, establish trust with the customer. Once that trust is gained, it won’t be long before the customer decides to buy. Find alternative ways to make them comfortable and streamline the transaction, so the customer doesn’t feel wasted waiting for paperwork and processes.

Having perfected the art of closing automotive deals, the next step is structure agreements to maximize the profits of your business. This means that you and the F&I manager need to understand the components of the deal structuring and your lender’s requirements for the various levels of loan approval.

The F&I manager should work closely with the loan clerk to provide the best and quickest solution to your clients. This will also speed up the process of closing a car deal.

Tips and tricks to improve sales

The best way to grow a business is to do it increase your sales numbers. This means attracting more customers to visit your dealership so you can close more deals.

Think about improving your website. Research shows 97% of people start shopping online before entering a dealership. Make sure you have a clean and functional landing page that leads to other pages describing your available products and services. You will also need to make sure that customers can easily find your contact details and physical address on your website.

You can also highlight some popular F&I products in the industry on your website, such as vehicle service agreements and GAP protection. Be descriptive about the additional services you offer, as these will be one of your dealership’s strengths.

Once you have an online presence, you will need to manage and maintain your online reputation. You can do this by engaging your customers and prospects. Answer their questions and any feedback they may have. If a customer has had a negative experience at your dealership, approach them directly and work to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Showing customers that you care about their opinion will help you build trust within the community.

How Vantage Financial services can help you

Understanding the importance of F&I and how it can help you close more auto deals can mean the success of your independent dealership. If you’re looking for other ways to expand your finance portfolio, here’s how Vantage Finance can help you:

Low-risk solutions

A professional relationship with a reputable finance company can help mitigate risks for both you and your client. Our virtual financial broker will help you run client financing applications across multiple criteria to ensure you are financially stable and able to honor payments. This protects your business and ensures that you don’t have to use more resources following unpaid payments.

Boost confidence and trust

A trusting and loyal customer is valuable to any business. By offering flexible payment plans at affordable rates and alternative financial solutions, you build the trust of your customers. Vantage Finance can help you with these solutions by connecting you to various reputable lenders that you may not have access to.

We offer you the ability to offer additional products in your F&I portfolio, which results in closing more deals and higher profits.

Attract a wider range of customers

Expanding your F&I offerings will also attract more buyers to your dealership. With various financial and payment options, you are opening the door to a wider target audience than if you were to offer only a limited range.

Increase the value of your sales

The average customer increases their spending by 15% when credit is offered. 93% of new customers who have purchased a financing vehicle will return. This is because many are surprised to find out how much more they can borrow, especially if more than one financing option is available.

This means that if a customer is ready to spend $ 10,000 but is eligible to borrow $ 20,000, they are more likely to increase their spend at your dealership.

Vantage Finance is a virtual finance company that can help with F&I for independent dealers. We will do the research and connect you only to lenders who can work with independent dealers and understand your business goals.

Vantage Finance offers decades of experience in the automotive finance and car dealership industry. We have the means and the skills to help you grow your business by closing more deals faster. Contact us and let us help you on your journey to improve your bottom line.

Are you thinking of expanding your business and closing more deals? Contact us today, and we will help you set up the best vehicle financing.

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