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Arbor Financial welcomes Brian Zemba as a mortgage originator

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Arbor Financial Credit Union is pleased to announce that Brian Zemba has joined the mortgage lending team as a mortgage originator.

In this role, Brian will assist members in finding innovative mortgage solutions that meet their home ownership needs and financial situation. Prior to joining the Arbor Financial team, Brian worked as a mortgage lender at Northpointe Bank. He has a degree in Leadership and Ministry from Grace Christian University.

“I am thrilled with the opportunities that await me here at Arbor Financial and am amazed by the community that Arbor has. Culture is continually promoted by every person who walks in the door, “says Brian. He will assist community members in the Grand Rapids area by guiding them through one of the greatest transactions of their lives.

Brian and his wife, Mandi, aged 18 have four children; Zac, Abigail, Ester and Sophie. In his spare time he loves to play golf, fish, hunt and find opportunities to relax in peace and quiet.

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